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Suggestions Welcomed: Integrate a SKU in place of Etsy ID# or in addition to it...


I'm new to ShipStation.

I would like to be able to add a SKU that would be visible in the shipping window when I am processing orders and getting rates etc. As Etsy does not offer users the ability to map a SKU to the listing ID# I am at a crossroads as to how to do it. One thought I had was to replace the marketplace name with a shorter name and the SKU preceding it (Product name, large, 123456) etc. but I am not sure if this approach might incur future pains for me or if there is another method. In any case, I only see a partial list of my products when I'm in the products view and it seems to only have items I have already sold - ie. not all the items in my shops.

Any thoughts?



  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Slava,

    I sell on Etsy as well, and the limitations with the platform and how other carts handle SKUs is widely disparate from Etsy's handling of them. Being able to map your SKUs in ShipStation is a feature request that's open right now, so for that particular part of this, I'd suggest you head over there and vote for it.

    For how to work with it right now, I'm afraid I don't have a great solution. In my SS account, I basically have two copies of my products: one from Etsy and one from Shopify. At this point, I haven't bothered with trying to consolidate them. My product names are distinct enough that it's easy to know exactly what each order contains.

    It is possible to replace the marketplace name in ShipStation with something else; what other platforms do you sell on? This will determine how easy that is to do.

    Also, we import your products whenever they're included in an order. If you want to import your products, you can with a CSV file.
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