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Best way to get support?

Hello, I'm wondering the most efficient support method available. Twitter, FB, Forums? Email support isn't really working for me.



  • Sean@333DFSean@333DF Member
    An Apprentice
    Hey @Pauline@32B6A‌

    If you you are subscribing to the Gold Level or above, there is the live chat option that appears in the upper right hand corner of your SS when logged and during business hours. If Silver or below, email support (submit a ticket), searching the support help pages, and here on the forums will be the best (and only ways that I am aware of) to get help.
  • APR@32A3EAPR@32A3E Member
    An Apprentice
    IME, live chat is the best way to go. I personally have an enterprise account, and upgraded to it from gold thinking I would have access to speedier chat. In my experience, though, chat speed is the same using Gold or Enterprise. It just depends on how many CSRs they have to serve at any one time.

    They also have outbound call support, so if you fire up a chat you can ask them to call you. I've done this a few times and it is literally INDISPENSABLE. I couldn't have configured my shipstation without voice support with Robert. There are some things you can just get done 1000% faster by voice.

    This also depends on how many CS people they have on deck vs how many customers they have in queue. Today I was chatting with Joey through a few tough errors, and he wasn't able to call me because he was the only guy on staff at the time.
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