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UPS email notifications or ShipStation delivery notifications?

Two questions, but both are related:

What we have been doing previously is uploading a CSV to UPS that contains all of the required fields. Included in this are 6 potential emails for notification, and a setting for email to go out on 1) shipping, 2) exception, and 3) delivery.

We have these emails go out to recipient of UPS package, but also to an internal person here. (So the latter one is fixed and never changes, but the first one changes according to each shipment.

Question 1: Is there any way to get ShipStation to communicate this at time of shipping?

Question 2: I know that ShipStation will send an email with tracking number. Is there any way for ShipStation to send query UPS and send a delivery notification?

Thanks in advance!


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    1) We can send e-mails, as you know, upon the creation of a shipping label, and you can CC those to additional e-mail addresses (you can set this up on your individual stores' settings). This e-mail can use a specific template that you can create/customize in the ShipStation app. At this time, we cannot send additional e-mails during the delivery or once a package has been delivered, though.

    2) You may be able to do something like this through our API, but I'm honestly not sure. I haven't heard of anybody doing this, nor do I have the expertise to be able to say yay/nay or even help with the implementation, but this site may help if you have a developer on staff.
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