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Who wants some candy?

GregKGregK Member
An Apprentice
My name is Greg and I am the newest member of the Dr. John's Candies team. We produce sugar free candies made with Xylitol, which is a healthy for you alternative to regular sugar. You can find our products here.

I am the shipping manager and I am the one that brought about the switch from our old archaic method of processing shipments to our new streamlined method of Shipstation which we use now. I could not be more happy with the switch and I'm just psyched about the possibilities of a integrated inventory system that could further simplify our processes.

Our old method required altering information in Quickbooks, then processing the shipment in whichever shipping system the order was going out on; ups, fedex, or usps, and then marking the order shipped in an email. After that the tracking number had to be manually entered into two different programs so that the customer and our own records were being properly informed of the shipments tracking number. Shipstation has eliminated all of this wasted time.


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