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Express 1 - Priority Mail Express Shipping Receipt

We recently have had a few cases where USPS has not delivered Priority Mail Express Packages within the guaranteed time. The local PO will not refund shipping without an exact amount paid online. Unfortunately, just reprinting the label will not work since the label says "US postage and fee paid" and does not give a dollar amount. I have tried overriding this option on an order specific basis, but this doesn't work after the original label was printed. Can you tell me how i can print an "official" receipt that shows postage paid and the tracking number for Priority Mail Express shipped via Express 1.



  • JocelynJocelyn Member
    A Usual Suspect
    I'm having this same issue here. I need a receipt for the package & because we buy $500 in postage at a time, I have no receipt for it and we use a scan sheet with our 60+ packages. I'm interested in the answer to this question as well. Thanks!
  • Ryan@31F2DRyan@31F2D Member
    A Usual Suspect
    I have not yet found a solution. If anyone else has any input it would be welcomed!
  • Mary@32BDDMary@32BDD Member
    An Apprentice
    The shipping manifest report shows the tracking number and amount paid. Would that work?
  • Ryan@31F2DRyan@31F2D Member
    A Usual Suspect
    That is what I am using now and it seems to be working okay (for me). You need a pretty good relationship with your local PO in order for them not to question something as unofficial as the shipping manifest. Ideally you should be able to reprint the label with the postage shown (even if initially the postage was hidden).
  • tommy@3A22Etommy@3A22E Member
    An Apprentice
    YUP, same here, they lose stuff ALL THE TIME. ALL THE TIME. The shipping manifest is NOT a mailing receipt. Matter of fact, it doesn't even have ShipStation's logo on it?? Shouldn't print mailing receipt be part of the drop down, like returns, etc?
  • chriswchrisw Member
    An Apprentice
    No they will not except the shipping manifest. you need to contact shipstation for now and have them send it over..pretty painless they send them over within a few hours usually for me. I get an official looking statement for the package in question with a shipstation header at the top .... make sure the the guaranteed delivery time you are calculating is from the time of the first PHYSICAL scan of the package (usually says, "arrived at xxxxx"). If it is passed that time then you will get your refund with that receipt document.
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