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Using USPS from Canada

I have a bit of a unique situation I'm looking for a solution for. i am a Canadian who lives on the canada/us border. I ship my Canadian orders via Canada post and American orders through Endicia and walk them over the border and ship via USPS. I am looking for a way to manage all of my orders (canadian and american) with both my etsy and standalone shops. Is there any way this can be done?


  • Carl1968Carl1968 Member
    An Apprentice
    I am looking for a solution to a similar problem. I am a Canadian with a fulfillment agent in the U.S. and a Shopify shop. I want my fulfillment agent in New England (which also warehouses my products) to fulfill all my U.S. and international orders and I want to fulfill my Canadian orders myself. I keep a small warehouse for the Canadian orders here in Canada.

    All my Canadian orders will go out by Canada Post, through my Venture One account, using the online postage and label printing app that Canada Post provides for free.

    Does anyone know if ShipStation can handle this?

    Shopify suggested I check out their ShipStation app because Shopify itself doesn't handle this.

    Can ShipStation do these two things?

    a) separate the orders and let my U.S. fulfillment agent handle all the labelling and payments to shippers

    b) pass the info through to me at home or directly to my Canada Post app and let me print the labels and the Canadian postage.
  • Peter@39257Peter@39257 Member
    An Apprentice
  • Leonardo@4C7B5Leonardo@4C7B5 Member
    An Apprentice
    I am pretty much in the same situation as Carl1968, living across the border and looking to ship through both Canada Post/FedEx Canada as well as USPS in Buffalo, NY. It is disheartening though realizing that this post is more than two years old and yet, nobody from ShipStation even cared to comment. So, ShipStation, would you please let us know???

  • aaronlaaronl Administrator, Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey Leonardo,

    We actually have a pretty active product feedback thread on this topic located here:

    Our product team has also commented on some of the "behind the scenes" decisions about country based accounts. I know it's not much, but I encourage you to head over to that thread and post about how big of an impact this feature would have on your shipping.

    Aaron Lee
    Associate Software Engineer
  • Ryan@33E09Ryan@33E09 Member
    An Apprentice
    Bumping this to see if anyone has any tips for bringing mail across the border. I'd like to print a manifest from Shipstation that includes all the info needed on the Inward Cargo Manifest.
  • turantekinturantekin Member
    A Usual Suspect
    Same problem here. UK user, using USPS (Endicia) but also i would like to use Royal Mail and other UK shipping companies too. But i cant becuae i need to open aother account, that is silly!
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