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What shipping scales and label printers do you recommend?

DGlennDGlenn Member
An Apprentice
Is anyone using a scale to get the exact weight of a shipment and uploading that directly to ShipStation? Any recommendations regarding scale, scanner, label printer?


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    While I can't recommend a scale (I'm currently using a cheap food scale from Amazon since the weight of my orders hardly ever changes), I'd highly recommend the Dymo 4XL. It's the one that I, personally, have had the least amount of problems with getting to work. Only downside that I can see is that it requires specific labels, so you either have to buy them specifically from Dymo or test out the knockoff brands before you purchase a bunch.
  • nikhawksnikhawks Member
    A Usual Suspect
    Scale: We use the Mettler Toledo PS60 with a USB connection. It's a great scale and worked really well with other providers but has been a pain to set up in SS and we don't have it working perfectly yet. Sometimes you have to "request" the weight 5 times. We've cut that down by being really picky about exact product weights in our Magento store (where most orders come from) so we don't have to re-weigh, and SS has been helpful with tech support.
    Printer: Zebra ZP450. It works really well now, but again it took a fair amount of finessing and tech support help to set up. SS has consistently recommended the Dymo 4XL, so you're better off with that.
    Both the scale & printer were holdovers from our former shipping solution, which is why we took the time to figure out ways to make 'em work. We run a Mac-only shop, which, in the shipping world, seems to make everything a little more complicated.
  • Mary@32BDDMary@32BDD Member
    An Apprentice
    I second the Dymo 4XL, it is awesome! Also the labels from houselabels on eBay are good quality and come in paper boxes to protect the thermal paper.

    Still looking for a better scale
  • tpblindsaytpblindsay Member
    An Apprentice
    If you can swing it the Zebra GX-420d Is awesome. Prints real fast an offers many label size options. I have 2 of them and can not recommend them enough.
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