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Building an integration from a desktop application to ShipStation

I'm considering an integration from a windows desktop application to ShipStation. At a high level, the user would click a button to ship an order. A browser window would open with the shipment details pre-populated. The user would complete the actual shipment and print a ship label. The tracking number, ship cost, etc. should be returned to the application.

I see the ShipStation Custom Store development guide, and the API. The API looks like the way to go as it looks like I can push an order in via the API. Could I then open a URL that would pull up that order so the end-user could start a shipment? After the process is finished, the desktop application could download the order and shipment details to update it's own database. Knowing when the shipping process is finished is another issue to work out.

Does this workflow sound doable?
Can an order be opened/shipment started via a URL?

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