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Wocommerce/ Pay Pal Pro

Doing the trial period with a Woocommerce store. Have some items that will come w/ free UPS ground and some I want the customer to pay the shipping. All payment will be processed through our PayPal Pro account. Was able to set up the store and provider (UPS) through ship station. Complete n00b here so excuse the very basic questions...

1) Are the rules etc I create in Ship Station going to show up on in woocommerce... i.e. will customer be able to choose dropdown shipping options on my site or will that sill have to be configured through Woocommerce?

2) If I want to charge customers, do I have to do the 3rd Party for every single order? I know I can set up the rule with charging 3rd party for orders under certain amount but can that automatically grab their account info or is that something I need to enter for each 3rd party?

Like I said, I'm completely new so any help/ direction is greatly appreciated.


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    1) Rules in ShipStation stay there. We don't actually integration with the customer-facing portion of your website, so you'll need to configure those for your customers, and we'll help with how you'll actually ship the orders out.

    2) WooCommerce should be handling your payment with PayPal, though I'm honestly not sure how that works between the two. Maybe @jbarb can help?
  • jbarbjbarb Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    The WooCommerce plugin will only be the link that sends your orders to ShipStation. It doesn't act as a UPS or USPS plugin and give the customers those options when they checkout on your site. You will have to use a UPS or USPS plugin for that. Once you have those plugins installed and you upgrade to the WooCommerce full plugin instead of the lite, you will have access to more options in the plugin that will allow you to send ShipStation orders that customers have chosen like UPS Ground for example. The WooCommerce plugin is very specific so if you only have the lite version it only gives you 1 export shipping service so if you have other services and the customer chooses a service that is not listed on the WooCommerce lite version, it will not import into ShipStation. The same goes for order statuses exposed to ShipStation. If you don't check a certain status and an order is in that status it will not import into ShipStation. Hope this information helps, please let me know if you have any other questions. I have also gone through the pain of setting up a WooCommerce store and having to pay for multiple plugins to get my site up and working. Thanks.
  • Joe@32BF5Joe@32BF5 Member
    An Apprentice
    jbarb - did you encounter any issues with UPS/Shipstation and the ZP L-2844 thermal? If I printer through UPSs website - it's a beautiful label, thru SS - it's all pixelated. I've tried reloading driver as instructed but no dice. Also, any hints with what UPS/USPS/PP settings you had to modify in your setup - we're converting from Zencart to Woo. Thanks!
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