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Selling Online for over 12 years, and Happy to have found ShipStation in May 2012

AndrewAndrew Member
An Apprentice
edited October 2012 in Tell Us About Yourself
Shipping has become a breeze since we switched to ShipStation in May of 2012. The large numbers to show Quantities, plus product thumbnails really helps the shipping department select the right items. And we have saved the monthly cost of ShipStation by the savings we get using Express One for most our Priority and Express mail shipments. was established in 1999 and operates using multiple internet URL ( i.e.,, etc ).
Our mission is to provide the parts and knowledge needed to help you repair and maintain your own water system.
As most repairs are fairly simple ( once you know what to fix ), you can save a lot of money by repairing or rebuilding your own water system.
Complete replacement and expensive service calls are not needed, if you are not afraid to work on your own system.
You will find the most common repairs explained on our Do It Yourself Repair page ( and free video guides ). We also sell hard copies of the most popular Service Manuals and manufacturer's training Videos.
We offer free email assistance with any water related problem ( and after sale phone support ).
We look forward to helping you solve your water treatment problem and saving you a lot of money in the process.

Andrew Cross, owner & webmaster for, has been helping people solve their water problems since 1989. With over 22 years of sales and service experience as former President of Water Treatment Company, Inc., he has the knowledge needed to help you with your water related questions. And is more than willing to answer any emailed question.


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hi Andrew! Your first sentence just made me all sorts of happy. We're always glad to hear how we're helping you succeed in your business. :)

    Thanks for posting your intro, and being a Forum Founder (with the badge to prove it)!
  • creektreecreektree Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Andrew,

    We just started using ShipStation this month, and we've been quite impressed as well. In fact, just yesterday our shipping department (consisting of 1 full-time grandson and 1 part-time helper) commented that they LOVED the little product thumbnails. It definitely saves time when they don't have to go to the computer to look up a product if they're not sure which one it is.

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