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Different SKUs for Product Options - OpenCart Integration - Need it to work so bad!

In our store (OpenCart), some of our products have multiple options (ex: - has 3 option values for "Quick Release Plate").

The option value that the customer choses is coming into Shipstation (see attached screenshot). But, our product options each have different SKUs. And Shipstation doesn't appear to have the ability to see the same product with different product options as actual different products. In other words:

Product 1 with Option A = SKU1
Product 1 with Option B = SKU2
Product 1 with Option C = SKU3

We installed an OpenCart extension ( that lets us define SKUs at the option level. It's working - it added a column to OpenCart Product Options table called ob_sku (see 2nd attached screenshot). The extension even has an option turned on to override the product model/sku field with the ob_sku value. I know that it's working because Paypal is receiving the Option-level SKUs from OpenCart. But Shipstation isnt!

Can I change the Shipstation plugin so that when it pulls orders in from OpenCart, it looks for the ob_sku value, and if there is a value, it overrides the product SKU value?

This would save us ridiculous amounts of time. Please help!
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