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Hi from your friends at Mimoco!

alexhalexh Member
An Apprentice
edited October 2012 in Tell Us About Yourself
Hi there!

We are Mimoco, creators of the original designer USB flash drive! We're a small business based out of Boston, MA since 2005. Our flagship product lines, MIMOBOT & MIMOMICRO combine distinctive, character based art with functional technology. Our mission is to bring style and soul to consumer electronics. Our products span a pretty wide range, from Star Wars and DC Comics to Hello Kitty and Emily the Strange. It's not hard to tell we're kind of geeky! We're also into underground/independent artists, especially the designer toy scene. We've done creative collaborations with artists such as FriendsWithYou, The Super Sucklord, SketOne, Simone Legano, and many more. We've just started using ShipStation to handle our online fulfillment, and we're very impressed!

A little about myself: I'm Alex, I wear a number of hats here at Mimoco, one of which involves orchestrating all the various facets of our software solutions to sing together in harmony.

As I said earlier, we're very happy with our ShipStation experience so far, and we're very interested to see what other developments are on the way. Personally, I'm psyched that you've set up a forum, and excited to be part of the ground floor community; it's a great way to spread the word, and encourage user participation.

Want to know more about us? Read more here!



  • JanetWJanetW Member
    An Apprentice
    Hi Mimoco friends : ) I'm technically impaired so I didn't understand most of your post but you sound really friendly and excited about what you do and both of those characteristics are appealing!!

    I think this new forum gig is a pretty sweet deal so far too...
  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Welcome! Your flash drives are the cutest! Glad to see you here.

    And now you've got an official badge for your Forum Founder-ness. :P
  • alexhalexh Member
    An Apprentice
    @JanetW @erika

    Hi & thanks for the welcome! Be sure to check our website out if you're interested in our products, we've got a lot!
  • KidsFlyTooKidsFlyToo Member
    An Apprentice
    ACK! I bought one recently LOVE it!!! :O)
  • CharOuelletteCharOuellette Member
    An Apprentice
    Great products!
  • alexhalexh Member
    An Apprentice
    Hey people! Thanks for all the friendly responses! We've made a special discount code for all you other ShipStationers here! If you're interested in our product, use this code for $10 off:
    Happy Holidays! (it isn't too early to say that, right?)
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