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Issues with ShipStation Integration to OpenCart / MijoShop

superwatermansuperwaterman Member
An Apprentice
Hello Great Shipstation Community,

We got some issues with setting up shipstation with our store. We are testing on our development site first - located on subdomain >

We are running Joomla! 3.1.5 / MijoShop 2.1.6 / OpenCart:

Mijoshop is the leading shopping cart component for Joomla allowing opencart on Joomla platform - see

We request your support in correcting this and getting the integration to work.

We followed all instructions. This is what happened ...

1) We followed steps (1) thru (6) in the Opencart integration instructions > no issues

2) Issues arised in step (7) & step (8)

3) For step (7) Enter your web site's URL below. If OpenCart is installed in a subfolder, include the folder in the path (e.g. > we entered

4) For step (8) we tested connection > we go an error > see attached.

5) We tried step (7) & (8) again without folder > and we got another error. See second attachment.

Questions ...

1) Are we doing anything incorrectly ?

2) Do you have workable solutions to the mijoshop / opencart integration ?

3) Is the problem that we are using a dev site subfolder or ?

We request your support in correcting this and getting the integration to work.

We await your prompt solution to this matter.

Leslie Gabriel, WaterMan
1280 x 800 - 219K
1280 x 800 - 131K


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