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Shipstation; Verify Address verified incorrect address, UPS charges us to fix error.

So today we got a bill from UPS for them having to adjust the value of a postal code on one of our orders. The postal code was entered by the customer on Amazon, in Shipstation it was marked as a verified address and upon clicking verify it states that it is in fact verified as correct. Unfortunately the postal code is incorrect, the code in question is for Renton, Washington USA and is 98059 however the customer entered 98509 which is the zip code for Lacey, Washington USA. This one mistake cost 12.00 USD on this single order. Why did this happen? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm worried that this could happen again and the cost is much to high in relation to the type of orders we fulfill. I'm hoping the solution to this isn't manually verifying every order's address.


  • discountvialsdiscountvials Member
    A Usual Suspect
    We had the same issue. We have been using SS for a year or so and this is the first time it happened. The order showed as address verified but was wrong. "Reverifying" did in fact change it, but our shippers were trained to look for the green check mark NOT to reverify every order. I guess until we hear something from SS we will just have to reverify :(
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