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Using Shipstation as and emial autoresponder for Amazon and eBay orders??

I am looking into a way to email customers asap after they place an order through eBay or Amazon. I am starting to look at automation rules and it looks possible.

Has anyone done this? Will it work? Do ShipStation automation rules work without ShipStation running on a PC in house?


  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    While I don't know if anyone has done it, it is possible. We process automation rules as soon as the order's imported, so as long as you are auto-updating your stores, your orders will continue to import—and thus the e-mails will be sent—throughout the night. Otherwise, you'll have to update your orders once you login to ShipStation for those e-mails to send (which, honestly, you should do anyway before you start your shipping processes for the day).
  • KIUMARS@3D711KIUMARS@3D711 Member
    An Apprentice
    That is insane, why do you consider only one action as "Importing " or "updating " ? there are many actions such as " Proccessing" or "voiding label" and so on that I want to communicate either with buyer or other coworkers.
    The most useful part could be sending email to customers about feedback request or product review request that are not violating any policies.

    I dont see any option that is given to send one email selected from a template to group of customers, that is really really a weakness.
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