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Page breaks in printing. How to prevent cut tables and images??

I'm trying to set up packing slips but my tables and images are being cut. I found a few tips on the net for formatting html tables to print correctly but they seem to have no effect.

I can't print packing slips with images being sliced in half.

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  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    Hey @benrefurb, a few questions: what sizing are you using (4 x 6 or 8.5 x 11), can you give us a couple pictures of what it looks like when it does print, and how often do you have multi-page packing slips? I'm assuming this only happens on multi-page packing slips, so let me know if that's not the case.
  • benrefurbbenrefurb Member
    An Apprentice
    I'm printing packing slips on 8.5x11 and want to set up on a full color laser. Currently it does not seem to matter where I print it or even saving as PDF. I have a graphic at the bottom in the footer. If the order is for 1 or 2 items it all fits on page 1. At 3 items the graphic in the footer is chopped in half. At 5 items, item #5 is chopped in half. I'm basically using the default packing slip with just the added graphic in the footer and I reduced the product thumbnail size a bit.

    Is there any way to limit line items per page?
  • benrefurbbenrefurb Member
    An Apprentice
    Found a work around.
    1) create a second template for 3+ items
    2) add 'page-break-before:always' to table style in footer
    3) create a filter and rule to set specific packing slip if order contains 3+ items

    table style="WIDTH: 100%; page-break-before:always" class="footer" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="2"
  • benrefurbbenrefurb Member
    An Apprentice
    I haven't tried yet but I think I can keep tweaking the image size and make it just right so that 5 items fills page 1 and the 6th will start on page 2. That should get me up to 9 items or so on 2 pages before I run into the same problem with the footer getting cut between page 2 and 3. I don't anticipate ever having an order of that many different products. If I do, I'll create a new rule and third packing slip template.
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