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The Internet Sales Tax Bill...

erikaerika Moderator
A Keeper of the Keys
So the Senate passed the bill yesterday. Luckily it still has some approval to go through before it's law. Obviously this bill can have huge consequences for most of us in eCommerce, but some of the latest reports, including TechCrunch & Wired, say that the bill might not be done being modified. One of the most important—at least to me—pieces that looks to still be under consideration is the revenue threshold: from $1 million to $10 million.

Have you been watching the bill's progress? What do you think about it; how might it impact you and your business?


  • ACSACS Member
    An Apprentice
    this another tax hidden behind the "its fair" and online retailers have cost that brick and mortar do not have like shipping, and web development, plus the customer has to wait for there purchase, this will have negative effects on the economy we will see down far down the road, and it might be the nail in the coffin for USPS
  • gorillapapergorillapaper Member
    A Usual Suspect
    For more Details, Marketplace Fairness Act

    Thermal Receipt Paper Soultion
  • GregKGregK Member
    An Apprentice
    I have not yet read enough to make any real comments on this issue, but I can say for one thing that this is something that we knew was coming. For years this has been an area of revenue that the states, and even federal government, have been trying to tap into.

    The real issue I see is that once again the smaller business are being forced out. Just like Walmart is able to outsell mom and pop shops, so shall businesses such as Amazon be able to easily survive additional charges where smaller online retailers will struggle or even go under.
  • JacobLPSJacobLPS Member
    An Apprentice
    Thanks for this info, i would have not known about it this in a short time within it being discussed
  • Laura@3A194Laura@3A194 Member
    An Apprentice
    I agree. Online sales tax is just another way for the government to get more funds to waste on stupid things. We need less tax
    and more support from our government.
  • Alan@3DC19Alan@3DC19 Member
    A Usual Suspect
    @Laura@3A194 "We need less tax and less government." FTFY
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