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Kickstarter Orders

Hello there, ladies and gents!

I tried searching a bit on the forum and didn't find anything useful regarding the subject, so hopefully this'll be worthwhile!

My business is considering using Kickstarter for a new project we are going to be working on. For those unfamiliar, Kickstarter is a fundraising website used to generate funds based on specific terms and a tiered supporter hierarchy. The basis of Kickstarter is to set a goal, and if you don't meet it you don't get your money. But with the different levels of supports we would need to provide different goods in return for supporting the project.

Our company has used Kickstarter once before, before we implemented ShipStation, to fund a movie that we produced. In return, we were left with hundreds of orders to fulfill to our supporters, all manually.

We are thinking of using Kickstarter again for a new book that we'd like to self-publish, but are wondering if there is a way of importing a CSV or linking Kickstarter to ShipStation to automatically import the details of each support and their address.



  • erikaerika Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    We don't have a link to automatically import your orders from Kickstarter, but you can definitely import a CSV of your orders from there. You will need to be on a Silver+ plan (help article w/ instructions here), but you could even create an additional manual store in ShipStation just for your Kickstarter orders and then import them. Would that work for you?
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