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Accounting Software

What software or version of QuickBooks is the best for managing online sales?


  • ZoomdweebieZoomdweebie Member
    An Apprentice
    As a part-time accountant/part-time webpreneur, I'd love to chime in here. Unfortunately, the question as posed is nearly impossible to answer. Any of the quickbooks products would probably work just fine for tracking your essential bookkeeping information. But how much information are you wanting to record and how much detail are you wanting to get out of your bookkeeping system: that's the real question. I use an older version (2007) of Quickbooks Premier Accountant, because that is what I have, but most of what I record are simple summary journal entries, so I could as easily use the most basic Quickbooks version out there, or for that matter, a simple spreadsheet.

    It really depends on how much detail you really want. Most people starting a business tend to go for overkill--they want minute details on EVERY transaction--and that's okay, but just realize that you're committing to spending more time recording, analyzing and reconciling that data. My experience suggests that you should keep it as simple as possible. If your shopping cart or Paypal already keep minute details of transactions, you probably don't need those details in your bookkeeping system.

    Bookkeeping is a means of organizing financial data. It's up to you to decide which data is important to record and in how much detail. Quickbooks is just a tool to help you record that data; keep in mind that it's still going to require your time, effort and KNOWLEDGE to record everything in a way that is meaningful and valuable to you.
  • MurrayMurray Moderator
    A Keeper of the Keys
    You might want to check out Xero. They recently integrated with one of our partners StitchLabs.
    You can find more about the Xero here.
    Murray Wheeler
    Customer Support Director
    2815 Exposition Blvd, Austin, TX 78703
    (512) 485-4293
  • Eric@64E56Eric@64E56 Member
    An Apprentice
    edited April 9
    I used quickbooks once. Then switched to accounting software ZipBooks. Quickbooks is one of the best out there but it is too pricey to me. As a startup in business I can't afford that.
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