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What are the allowed HTML Tags/inline css in a custom template?

Should a template include the head and body tags or not?
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  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation

    Sorry for the delay in response. We're in the process of migrating this forum to a new location that is integrated with our help center. I wanted to make sure you had this answer, though, and let you know I've also added this question to the new community forum as I think it could help other users as well.

    The head and body tags in the email template are present, they are just hidden. You can think of all the HTML entered in the editor as going between the tags.

    In the case of the packing slip templates, the head and body tags, as well as some table and styling information, is also present but hidden.

    However, we've made the complete default packing slip template available to download to assist in any customization you might want to make. You can download the sample html file from this help article. Once you open the file in a browser you can then view the source code and see the entire HTML and CSS for the default packing slip template, including any hidden elements.
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