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Shipstation Not Updating Magento Order Status, Mass Marked As Shipped Action

Hey guys,

This is Magento and Shipstation.

Normally we don't have any sort of local fulfillment, but some months ago we did a promotion where customers in our area picked their orders up from us directly; a free shipping option. Much later I've realized that Magento sent all those orders to Shipstation, where they've been languishing in 'awaiting shipment' ever since; meanwhile in Magento they've been permanently stuck as 'Processing'.

So, to get this stuff out of the queue, I selected them all, hit the 'Mark As Shipped' option, then in the box that popped up, marked them all Shipped, hit 'notify marketplace', carrier Other. Shipstation now thinks that they're Shipped. But Magento still thinks they're Processing, a day later, so obviously something isn't working quite right.

How can I troubleshoot this? There are almost 200 orders, it would be really dire to have to go into Magento and hit the 'Ship' button 200 times...

Thanks for your help!
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