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GUI Change for what reason??

I come in today and I'm greeted with a GUI that is totally different from last week.
Why? Is there a good reason for changing the tools I need to use each day? This is the second time in a year that you have changed the GUI for no apparent reason.
When I'm having to learn a new system and trying to get 100+ orders out the door, do you realize how much time that adds to my job??
Do you think about things like that before randomly changing things that people depend on to make a living???

As you can tell I am not happy with this decision.
Get a design that trips your trigger and LEAVE it alone.
I have enough stress in my day, I don't need you creating more for no reason at all.

Thank you,



  • Kris@61E55Kris@61E55 Member
    An Apprentice
    What changed? I have been using ShipStation for 7 months and haven't noticed anything different (especially in the last week).
  • James@4EF61James@4EF61 Member
    An Apprentice
    It's back to the previous version today.
    What was different? Buttons in different locations with different names, customs forms in a drop down instead of an icon and many other things. Completely different layout.
  • bhrichardbhrichard Member
    A Usual Suspect
    I agree.

    I read something online a while back that suggests to CEO's and top level brass - don't take your designer's suggestions blindly. If you really think their proposed changes are warranted, put them on display ahead of time for the userbase to vote on. This doesn't have to be a backroom deal, sprung on us out of the blue. This isn't a hobby site, your service is something our business relies on. Split test or get feedback from us and then, and only then, do you move forward with such GUI changes.

    That is how you find out if something is really warranted, or if your front-end designer is just trying to justify overtime/continued employment.
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