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A FoxyCart-inspired email template

Andrew@54CA1Andrew@54CA1 Member
An Apprentice
So, I HATE the default shipping template. It's . . . awful. However, the default template that FoxyCart provides is pretty well done, so I decided to create a FoxyCart-inspired email template to make my store's branding more consistent. I had already tweaked the defaults on FoxyCart to match my branding before creating my ShipStation template (so this isn't a direct copy of their standard formatting), but hopefully, it will get people started or give them a more eye-catching alternative.

I THINK I've cleaned up most of the unnecessary breaks/leftover blocks/etc, but there may still be some embarrassing messes in there from fitting FoxyCart's square peg into ShipStation's a round hole. Make sure to edit the stuff in {curly braces}. Other than that, I hope someone finds this to be useful!
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