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Hello from Boston!

lilinkerlilinker Member
A Usual Suspect
Hi there! I'm Laura and I'm brand new to ShipStation and it's really working for my little business. I design custom craft supplies for paper crafters and card makers and manufacture them under my own line called Lil' Inker Designs. The biggest improvement to my packing and shipping life has been being able to easily print packing slips and pick lists with the click of a button. I was printing packing slips individually through PayPal and making MANUAL Pick Lists before!!! ShipStation has proven to be invaluable to me in just a short amount of time and I'm wondering where's it's been all my small business life.
I would love to hear more about the websites and integrated shopping carts you use that function successfully with ShipStation. Currently, I'm using a Big Cartel Web Site, PayPal is Point of Sale and my biggest struggle right now is accurately charging for International and Domestic First Class Postage and I would love to hear more about the solutions that work for you.
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