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How can we have all orders automatically have "Save as shipping defaults for this product" selected?

For the sake of efficiency, we sometimes forget to check this box to speed up future shipments. Is there a way to have it automatically checked for all orders so that it doesn't get missed?


  • Enzo@5E4F8Enzo@5E4F8 Member
    An Apprentice
    Do ShipStation employees look at the forums to help customers??
  • wrapworkswrapworks Member
    An Apprentice
    Guess not. Things are different since bought them.
  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation
    Hey Enzo@5E4F8,

    My apologies for the delay. We did some reshuffling of agents a few months ago and the forum was unfortunately neglected once people were busy in their new roles.
    I'm in the process of migrating the forum to be integrated with our help center ( and bringing on some agents to be moderators so that the forums are no longer neglected!

    That said, I wanted to answer your question before we disable this forum. There is currently not a way to set ShipStation to have "Save as shipping defaults for this product" selected by default. If this is an option that would assist your workflow, I recommend posting it on our product feedback forum, along with details as to how this would be useful in your workflow. Posting on the feedback forum also allows other users to vote and comment on the idea. I currently do not see a post on the feedback forum about this potential feature.

    In the meantime, you might consider using preset groups to assign shipping services to groups of products all at once. Here is a knowledge base article about the process:

    I hope this helps!
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