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How can I have the packing slip automatically print?

How can I have the packing slip automatically print? Is there also a way to have it print before the label rather than after?


  • Enzo@5E4F8Enzo@5E4F8 Member
    An Apprentice's been a whole month and not a single response from a Shipstation employee...
  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation

    I apologize for the lack of response. The former moderators have moved to other departments and the forums were left to fall through the cracks on our side. That said, for questions like this you do have access to ShipStation support by going to and either submitting a support ticket or starting a chat with one of our agents. We are typically able to answer tickets in less than 24 hours (we aim for within one hour, but this is dependent on our ticket volume at the time)

    To answer your questions...
    There is not currently a way to automatically print packing slips. Printing must be manually initiated by the user (for all document types). You do have some Quickship options you can enable that will autoprint labels after creating them. If you are also configured to have packing slips and labels print together, this could behave like an auto print.

    If you do have your printing configured to print labels and packing slips together, however, currently there is no way to change the order they print. So labels will always print before its associated packing slip.

    I hope this information is what you were looking for. I'm going to include this post on our new community forum in case it could be helpful to other users.
  • Enzo@5E4F8Enzo@5E4F8 Member
    An Apprentice
    How do you configure to have packing slips and labels print together?
  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation
    You'll need to go to Settings > Printing > Printing Setup and change the document options for your labels. Here is a screen shot of the applicable settings:
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