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Insured item damaged by USPS. How do I file a claim?

Hello. I sent a $999.00 item to a customer and it was insured for $99 through Shipstation and $900 additional "carrier insurance" that I added in Shipstation before I sent the package. The USPS damaged the package in the amount of $625, so Im wondering how I go about filing a claim for the damage?

Thank you for your help.


  • infossinfoss Administrator
    The Ruler of All That is ShipStation
    Hello Robert@4E742,

    I apologize for the delay in response!

    ShipStation does not provide insurance for shipments, but we do partner with Shipsurance, who does! Typically, the carrier will cover some initial amount depending on the service used (usually either $50 or $100) and then the remaining can be covered by Shipsurance if you select that option from the Insurance drop down menu.

    If you chose the "Carrier Insurance" option, however, the full amount of insurance is covered by the carrier. This knowledge base article provides instructions on starting a claim for either option, as well as links to various carriers' claim pages to get you started.

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