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Custom Auto-Batch Script Using API


I plan on hiring a freelancer to write a custom app to use with the ShipStation API for internal use. Before I do, I want to make sure the features I want are feasible.

Let's say I have 500 shipments that need to go out. The script should automatically place these shipments into batches containing 25 shipments each (total of 20 batches). It should then create shipping labels for each batch. Then it should export these shipping labels into a PDF. I need a custom label to be printed before each batch so the packer can sign off, this label will have Batch #, Date, and a place to sign off.

So the PDF should look something like this: Batch1SignLabel, Batch1ShippingLabels, Batch2SignLabel, Batch2ShippingLabels,.....etc.

Is something like this feasible with what the API has to offer?
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