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Improve the Scan to View Barcode Feature

We print the Order ID on every label so that we can use it in our WMS and ERP solution that we built based off of your order API. And our custom system does everything. Pretty much 90% of your idea portal is solved in-house.
The only thing we can't control is your interface, and API bugs.
We can't make use of the scan to view barcode because of how cumbersome the setup is. Here are my suggestions.

Remove the Hex
We have a perfectly good Order ID on our labels already, which we use in our system. Your Scan to View barcode feature requires the order ID communicated in hex. Why can't it just work as the order ID?

Remove the Special Characters
Even if you didn't require Hex, you require the order ID to be encapsulated ^#^ ^. We would need an additional barcode with the encapsulation so that it didn't interfere with our existing system. Just use a normal input box like everything else. We have made hundreds of pages in our system for dozens of features. None of them required encapsulation.

Remove the Order Status Requirement
An Order ID is unique to ShipStation. There will never be both an unshipped and cancelled order with the same order ID, so why require the filter? The person scanning the barcode may not even know the status - they could be using ShipStation to pull up the order to confirm if it was cancelled. In that example they would have to Look up the order so that they could Look up the order. How redundant. Remove the filter, it makes no sense.

The hex and special characters are extremely cumbersome, and filters for a 1:1 match are redundant. It is almost like a third-party came in and coded this without knowledge of how anything else works.

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