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have a big issue now with shipstation

storeadmin1storeadmin1 Member
A Usual Suspect
We are going to start shipping ups surepost and need to be able to use a 4" x 8" shipping label with our thermal printers. Apparently shipstation does not support this size of label which we find a bit perplexing. If ups surepost needs this size of label why is it not supported by shipstation - I am told that other platforms (ie Shipwire) support this size label as told by our ups rep.

Now we are in a situation since we've used shipstation for years but need to be able to print this size label???

Any ideas on how to make it happen?


  • storeadmin1storeadmin1 Member
    A Usual Suspect
    ok - after being told by our ups rep. and also a shipstation rep. during an online chat that we NEEDED to use a 4" x 8" label for shipping ups surepost - I thought I would track down an ups truck and look myself at the shipping labels on the sureposts packages. Caught up with an ups truck in the am at our local post office.

    We know most drivers and after looking at about 40 UPS surepost packages - I would say 90% use a 4" x 6" label versus what I was being told. I would simply have to remove our logo and any comments I place on the shipment label right now and a 4" x 6" label should work?

    Just a fyi since I had to spend quite a bit of time figuring this out when shipstation folks should be able to tell us a 4" x 6" label will work if we remove our logo etc. from being printed on the label. Shipstation does not support a 4" x 8" label so I spend a few hours last night as well looking into other shipping platforms.

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