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Amazon now supports Priority Mail Regional A and Regional B boxes with Amazon Shipping

I received an email from Amazon saying that they have expanded their support in Amazon shipping to allow shipping with these two additional Priority Mail options.

It does not appear to work yet in ShipStation. Would like to make use of these, so is this something ShipStation will have available in a soon-to-be release?

-------- Forwarded Message --------
Subject: Buy Shipping Update: USPS Shipping Options
Date: Tue, 27 Jun 2017 14:03:07 +0000
From: Dagia, Saurabh

Dear Mark,

We have launched additional USPS shipping options through Buy Shipping. These include:

· USPS Priority Mail Express® Legal Flat Rate Envelope

· USPS Priority Mail Express® Padded Flat Rate Envelope

· USPS Priority Mail® Legal Flat Rate Envelope

· USPS Priority Mail® Padded Flat Rate Envelope

· USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate® Box A

· USPS Priority Mail Regional Rate® Box B

If you use a shipping integrator to access Buy Shipping, please reach out to them to ensure that these shipping options are made available.

Please reach out to for any questions.


Buy Shipping Services team
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