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Hope to add a hot key to add a tag on the order

We print packing slips one by one and stick them on the box and then scan the barcode to generate the label. But sometimes employees skip or reprint packing slips because there are too many orders. Hope there is a hot key to add a tag so we know we print the slip. We can manually click the add tag button but it is too slow. We use hot keys to process orders and manual click is wasting of time.

Also, we want a smaller packing slip like FBA doing just show the barcode and sku, but shipstation don't have that option, hope developer can add other customized size packing slips for more business needs.

Also, when I click cancel order, the order will remove from awaiting shipment, but when I scan the barcode to search the order, it will still create a label if you hit the ship button. I think if the order is canceled it is not able to create labels and it will fail. It has to be restored first.
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