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Pick list and Warehouse Location

mysticknotworkmysticknotwork Member
A Usual Suspect
Hey gang, should be a quick answer: My pick lists don't show warehouse locations under the heading Warehouse locations (or anywhere else for that matter). I am trying to implement this feature for better organization.


Product inventory management.

I created a warehouse for 'big stuff'
a location in 'big stuff' called 'big stuff' and the Unit/Shelf/Bin all named as, well Unit/Shelf/Bin respectively. Location is clicked as active

Item Test1 is assigned to this location

Pick List Printing Setup is set for: Summarize by SKU, Ordre by Warehouse location then SKU

Pick list does not show any information in Warehouse Location. What am I doing wrong? I've deleted the shipment and readded it as I make warehouse location changes. I've tried deleting and readding products, and I've tried logging in and out.

Is there a template issue, though I don't see that as an option? Is there a dataset issue, and where can I fix where I put the warehouse info?

Any help, advice, or cajoling is appreciated.
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