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Where does FedEx get the company name when none is provided?

My apologies if this seems frivolous but this problem is driving me nuts. I send packages out under two company names and I'd never want both names on any package. Therefore, i have it set up like this under Ship From Locations:

Location 1:
Name: Company A
Company: (blank)
Address: 123 Main St, Anytown, AB, 10001

Location 2:
Name: Company B
Company: (blank)
Address: 123 Main St, Anytown, AB, 10001

The problem is that when shipping with FedEx, it seems like a company name is required, but the company name it pulls is always Company B. If you add a company name to the ship from location, it overrides on the label, but I ship with other services that don't require separate name and company name so I'd prefer to avoid duplicate names.

Does anyone know where the default company name is pulled from when there's no company name in the Ship From Location for FedEx?

I've looked everywhere in my account and my FedEx account, but haven't managed to find this. Thanks!
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