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Here at ShipStation, we want you to be successful and have fun with your business. That's why we've created these community forums for you to find answers to your questions, get tips from other retailers, and always be learning to keep up with (or get ahead of) the eCommerce curve. We'd love for you to participate here, and we want this to be a place where everyone can come and contribute. So, we have a few guidelines for your posts and activities.

The Rules:

  1. Be nice. We don't need you to be a constant ray of sunshine (though that would be awesome), but we do need you to be kind and respectful to everyone here. That means when a community member, employee of ShipStation, or potential viewer of your words reads them, they shouldn't get offended by what you put forth. This includes any media that you may link to or mention, so keep it PC.
  2. Don't spam. You're in a business, we get that; so are we. As awe-inspiring and particularly amazing as your product is, these aren't marketing forums. Everyone here is working towards getting their business to be as successful as it can be, and the common good should hold precedence over jockeying for first place in sales.
  3. Be positive. The purpose of this forums is simply to help each other out with questions. Questions about the ShipStation app, about best practices with running a business, and especially about shipping. Every piece of content (posts, media, etc.) should be of a positive, constructive, and collaborative nature. Constructive criticism is welcomed, but this is not an appropriate place for you simply to vent. Negativity helps no one. :)
  4. Be yourself. Don't infringe on others' privacy by releasing their information or pretending to be someone (or other entity) than yourself. This includes pretending to be the ghost of Jacob Marley or a robot of some kind, or trying to clone yourself with duplicate accounts.
  5. Own your words. Whatever you say is your responsibility and your opinion. The same is true for whatever we say. If you, an employee of ShipStation, or an employee of one of our partners write something, it's the opinion of the poster, not necessarily the company that they're representing.

The Legal(er) Stuff:

Moderation. The above rules are not exhaustive, and we will use our best common sense and judgment to keep these forums a positive experience for everybody. Hopefully you'll never transgress upon these rules, but if you do happen to be moderated, we did it for a reason. We want you to be a part of the community, and we need to make sure that you're doing so in an appropriate manner. These punishments are, obviously, subjective in nature, but any moderator action is final, so begging for forgiveness after the fact will not work (even with sad puppy eyes). Attempting to circumvent any moderated posts/threads/accounts/etc. will result in further moderation. Think about what you write before you post it, and you won't find yourself under moderation 99% of the time.

Agreement. We reserve the right to monitor and/or alter any and all activity and/or content on the forums, though we have no obligation to do so. By participating in our forums, in any way shape or form, you agree to abide by these rules (hence the moderation paragraph.) You further agree to our free use of any content you post without us needing to credit or compensate you for its use, either in part or in full. Moreover, any personal information we collect may be transmitted to a third party as required by any legal process (subpoena, warrant, etc.), though we promise to never sell this information for personal or financial gain.

Service. Although it is our dearest wish for these forums to continue for the foreseeable future, we do not guarantee their existence, and reserve the right to terminate them at any time, for any reason. These forums are for current ShipStation customers & partners. We have no responsibility towards keeping the information stored on the forums, including, but not limited to, original thoughts, contact information, statuses, or uploaded media.

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